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We have a friend that is a children’s pastor, and one year he put together a “Connected Christmas” kit for families to enjoy throughout the month. The words “Connected Christmas” have stayed with me ever since.  How can we arrange our December so that we have a Connected Christmas this year?    

December Already?!?

Yesterday I was a little overwhelmed as I realized that the month of December has officially arrived. How could we be here already?!? I was looking at my calendar and a sense of panic arose inside of me. December has already begun and we haven’t even gotten a tree yet! As I looked at our calendar I realized how incredibly packed our month is already. Having three kids playing basketball on three different teams makes for many games on multiple nights per week. 

Tree Tradition

I thought through the week and found one tree farm that is open on Sunday and as long as everything goes as planned we have a few hours on Sunday that we can sneak up there and fight the perfect tree to finish off our inside decorations. But then I tried to figure out when we were going to go get a new ornament for the tree? When would we all be home and to decorate the tree? When are we going to go and look at Christmas lights? When are we going to take the kids shopping for Christmas presents for each other? And, oh my, it is December 2nd…we are already 2 days behind on Advent!  

What Truly Matters

It was in the moment of mind spinning that the words “Connected Christmas” came back into my mind. You see, I LOVE Christmas. I LOVE traditions. I LOVE building memories. But I was getting bogged down by all the stuff and activities. The Lord was gently reminding me what really matters: a Connected Christmas.

A “Connected Christmas” is one where we are connected to Christ and connected to each other. Our focus is on Christ and on each other. Everything else is fun, but the only thing that really matters is connecting with Christ and each other. 

As I was praying about it the Lord reminded me to focus on three “C” this Christmas: 


He is the reason for the season. I know there are Christmas play songs and cute candy cane stories about it, but don’t miss the beauty in the story. God loved us so much that He sent His Son to come to earth. A Son who would live here with us so that we can learn from Him and so that He can experience all that we experience. Jesus is not a far off, distant, judgmental God, but rather He is a loving, close and caring God. Jesus wants to do life with us, to walk in step with us, to lead and guide our way. Allow Him in this season. Allow Him to heal your broken heart, to give you hope of a future with Him, and to cast a vision for you for this next year. 


It is all about the people. Sure sugar decorating parties and Elf watching parties are a blast but what matters most is spending time with the people you love. Make this season about serving and loving those you do life with. Make that your focus instead of the activities.


Let’s all do an attitude check. I know yesterday I needed one. Let’s lay it all out on the table. Your feelings. Your plans. Your dreams for the month. Then pause and allow God to direct your thoughts and plans. I know this year He is asking me to lay down my favorite Advent calendar. One that has been a part of our family’s Christmas traditions for many years. However, this particular calendar has a reading every night. It is amazing, but this year it will be almost impossible for us to do something as a family every single night. Instead of being grumpy about losing this tradition, I must choose to have joy in the things we are doing. Instead of being overwhelmed by all that we have to do, I can delight in the moments we have together focusing on the real meaning of Christmas.  I can exchange the stress of getting it all in with the peace that what we do is enough.

What Season This Season?

So this Christmas instead of trying to do it all, spend time as a family figuring out what is best for you in the season of life you find yourself in. How can you best connect with Christ and connect with the ones you love?  


We pray you have a blessed Connected Christmas season. 


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