Our Purposeful Life

We want to see each individual, couple, and family intentionally pursuing their God-given identity and purpose.

Our Vision

We want to see each individual, couple, and family intentionally pursuing their God-given identity and purpose. We want to create an environment where we learn how to hear God’s still voice and have the faith to take the next step in life’s adventure. We will live a life marked by spiritual conversations. We will allow God to transform us from the inside out so that we can walk in true freedom and joy.

About Us


What a blessing to know you are not alone! But Our Purposeful Life goes beyond commiseration, and offers hope and help to parents! They have thrown open their front door and invited us in!

Heather M.Illinois

If you want to be intentional in how you raise your family and spend your time, Our Purposeful Life is for you! I quickly realized it was a good place to come for practical advice on marriage, parenting, and how to do better as a family unit.

Stephanie T.North Carolina

Time and time again, I’ve desperately come to Dana with questions on how to raise our strong willed child, and every time I have left the conversation feeling encouraged and empowered!

RuthOverland Park, Kansas

Our Mission

Join us on this journey of discovery! Not content to live life on the surface, we invite you to ask hard questions and dive deeper into your core motives, fears, passions, and desires. And most importantly, we allow God to transform these places with truth and freedom. Our heart is to inspire you to seek God’s best, to share practical tools to equip you and your children, and to encourage you to finish strong.

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Our Values

All of our values start with IN.
It is only In Christ that we can become all that He has created us to be. These 5 values guide us on that journey.

Intimacy in Relationships

Our goal is to cultivate true intimacy in our relationship with God and in our relationships with others. From that starting point we can operate in true humility, wholeness, and grace.


Our prayer is that we will discover what God says about us and live within those truths in what we think, say and do.

Intellectual Curiosity

Our desire is that we would cultivate a lifelong love of learning. God is not done with us yet, so join us on this journey of discovery and renewing our minds.


Our hope is that we will take the lessons we have learned and actively apply them to our life, our marriage and our parenting. It is only when we are conscious of the choices we are making that we truly walk in step with the Lord.


Our charge is that as we live these values ourselves we will pass them on to our children and to others in our realms of influence.

What We Do

Discover Your Identity

We point you to the truth of who you are and what you were created to be and do. We accomplish this by helping you to discover the lies you have been believing and teaching you how to replace them with the truth of what God says about you.

Get Equipped

We will open up our home and our thoughts, in hopes that others can learn from our experiences. We will unpack practical tools and ideas to not only live out your God given purpose but also to train and equip your children to do the same.

Encouragement to Continue

We will encourage and strengthen you to continue to live life on purpose. Life is not easy and there will be roadblocks and detours, but through it all you can be certain that you will never walk this life alone.

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The most important thing about a man is not what he does, it is who he becomes.

Dallas WillardAmerican Philosopher