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Parenting is an epic adventure. Each day brings on a new set of challenges and joys. And each person’s journey is quite different from the next. 


As I was reflecting this past Mother’s Day on motherhood and what it meant to me, I was awestruck at the depth of what this calling in life actually means. When you choose to start on this path you are not fully aware of the adventure that is ahead of you! All you can think about is the sweet smell of a newborn baby snuggled up to your chest in deep slumber. The fantasies of hugs and kisses, the “I Love You’s,” the sweet family walks and the exciting memories to be made play over and over in your mind. Little do you know what kind of adventure you are beginning. 


This adventure is one of a kind. It is full of high mountaintop experiences and low moments in the valley. You will experience every kind of emotion, and the depths of some of those emotions will surprise you…maybe even scare you a little. Some will plot and plan their course, others will wing it, but both will discover that it never goes as expected. 

Self Discovery


Parenting is all about discovery-a two part discovery. What has surprised me the most is the first part of the discovery process. Parenting has set me on a direct course of discovering myself. It is in the unknown, scary or surprising moments of parenting that I truly discover what I am made of and what I truly believe. It is in those moments I become face to face with Me. I realize my strengths and my weaknesses. My good and my bad. It is in those moments that I come to the deep conclusion that I need a Savior. I need God. Without Him, I am a mess who doesn’t know which way to turn. 


While marriage is humbling and eye opening, parenting takes it to the next level. But in these moments we have a choice. We can choose to wallow in the despair and frustration. Or we can decide to use it as an opportunity for growth. Will I allow God to lead me? I am willing to listen to His perspective on my situation? Will I believe what He says about me, or will I listen to the negativity coming from my doubts and fears? Will I take a stand?  Will I believe the promise that God will never leave me and that He will always give me wisdom when I ask? 

Join Us!


Parenting is a two-part adventure. Are you willing to take the first crucial step? Will you lean into God and discover what He says about you? It is only when we begin to walk in our true identity that we can lead our children to do the same. Here at Our Purposeful Life we want to invite you into this journey. We want to show you the truths of what God says about you. Our goal is to encourage you to lean in to the Holy Spirit. To listen to His voice. We want you to hear and believe the truths in God’s Word so that you can live out your full purpose and plan. 

Join us on this journey of discovery. Connect with us here so that you can walk alongside us on this epic adventure. Let’s do it together!

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