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Mother’s Day is a day that we choose to honor our mothers. It is a day filled with food, flowers, cards and tokens of love. Being a mom is hard but very rewarding. It is full of precious moments and a few heartaches. As I was reflecting on what a mom is and what she does I thought I would share these truths. 

If you are a mom, really take the time to read and think about each aspect of being a mom. These are true of you on your worst day and on your best. If you aren’t a mom, you have a mom. Think about how these are true of the woman who gave you life. Think about ways to show her appreciation for what she has done for you and what she means to you. 


What is a mom?

More. She is more than just a mom. She is a daughter of the Lord. A woman made in the image of God.

Others. She is focused on others. Whether it be her husband, children or friends. She devotes her life to serving others.

Tailor-made. God had picked her specifically to be the mom of her children. He did it on purpose and He made no mistake. She is the perfect mom to her children.

Helper. She is always helping. Whether it is helping a little one go potty, or helping an older child with homework or navigating high school, moms are always there.

Encourager. She is your best cheerleader. She sees the best in you and always encourages you to be the best version of yourself. Your mom believes in you.

Resourceful. Have a problem? Don’t worry, she will know how to fix it. She can fix anything with anything and get it done in less time. 

Safe. She is a safe haven. Someone you can go to when you are hurt, confused, alone or afraid. She is a place where you can get your feet back under you.


Daring. She loves big and risks it all for you. She is willing to put herself out there no matter the cost. 

Able. God has equipped her for everything she will need to do. He knows exactly what each child needs and He has equipped each mom with the skill set needed to meet those needs. He has also given her the Holy Spirit to guide her every step.

Yielding. She realizes her need for connection with God and community with others. She allows herself to be in a constant state of learning and growing so that she becomes all that God has created her to be.


Thank You!

Thank you moms. God made you exactly how He wanted. You are unique and you are perfect. God has fully equipped you to be the mom to the children under your care. Remember, God never created you to do this alone. He gave us His Holy Spirit to lead and guide us and a community of believers to do life with. 

Be blessed this Mother’s Day! You are a blessing and you are making an eternal difference! 


Remember, Moms – You Matter!!!

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