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  1. Dana was 25 years old when she became a mother. 
  2. She has been a mother for 15 years. 
  3. Her mother is Carla. 
  4. Dana has been seeking and serving the Lord for 32 years.   

Have you ever wondered if what you are doing really matters? You know – sometimes it feels like all you do is cook, clean, change diapers, drive an Uber car and fold laundry. But does what you do really matter? Are you making a difference?


As I was reading through the Bible a few years ago, I was struck by something in 2 Chronicles*. Many times when there was a new king, there were four statements made about him before they told about his reign.

God tells us:

  1. How old the king was when he became king.
  2. How many years he reigned.
  3. Who his mother was.
  4. If he loved and served God or not.

Of all the facts about the king, God thought it was important to acknowledge the king’s mother. It was noteworthy. Do you know what that means to you? You are noteworthy! A mother has a huge impact on the lives of their children. A mother’s love is irreplaceable and valuable! A mother’s gentleness and understanding is crucial! A person is who they are today in part because of their mother. You matter! 

Moms Matter

Your child needs you, as they become the person they were created to be. Do not let this overwhelm you. Maybe as you are reading this you are making a list in your head of all the ways you are actually messing up your kid and not helping them. This lie is one of the tactics of Satan. He tries to get you to play the comparison game or maybe trap you into guilt and shame. Don’t let him! 

God doesn’t call us to be perfect moms, but moms who are devoted to loving the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. When you commit to doing this, you make yourself available to hear the Holy Spirit. He is perfect and He will be your guide. We don’t have to know it all – Holy Spirit will show you what to do, what to say and where to go. You always have access to this secret weapon, you just have to tap into it!!

This is also a good reminder that what we do matters. Every diaper change, shirt washed and meal prepared matters. It is showing love and care to your children. It is giving them glimpses into the selfless love their Father God has for them. 

Mothers also have a powerful influence on the lives of our children. We need to be purposeful with the short amount of time we have these kids. Look for those teachable moments with your children where you can share and explain how scripture leads and guides our every decision. Our goal should be to constantly put them in God’s path. He is the only one that can reach their hearts and turn them towards Himself. The more purposeful you are in pointing them in His direction, the better equipped your children will be to make wise decisions in the future.

Identity in Him

The other thing that is noteworthy is the mother was listed whether or not the king served the Lord or not. We can do everything right but in the end our children have to decide if they want to serve God or not. Our identity can not be wrapped up into their decisions. We have to first remember that we are a daughter of the King. Our identity is in that relationship. Their choices do not determine our worth. 

If you have a child that is currently wandering, take heart. God loves them so much – even more than you do! He is actively pursuing them. Keep praying that the seeds that have been planted in their hearts take root and grow. Pray that God brings godly people into their lives to help lead them back to Him. Ask the Lord how to best love your child in this moment. Ask Holy Spirit to guide your words and actions. And then trust the God who wants us all to be in relationship with Him and love Him unconditionally. 

So as we approach Mother’s Day, know that you are seen and you matter. What you do matters! What you do is noteworthy. As your children and spouses express gratitude to you this Mother’s Day weekend, receive it as truth. Do NOT put clauses on the comments or brush them aside, take them to heart and believe them. The big things matter. The little things matter, sometimes more. You are loved and appreciated. 

You are raising the next son or daughter of the King. With your diligent and faithful service and partnership with Holy Spirit, they will become royalty. Thank you for making an eternal difference! 


Comment below with your legacy so we can celebrate what we are all doing for the Kingdom.

  1. How old were you when you became a mom?
  2. How many years have you been a mom?
  3. Who is your mother?
  4. How long have you been serving and loving the Lord?


*In case you are curious here are the passages where the mother is listed. 

2 Chronicles 12:13-14, 13:1-2, 20:31-32, 25:1-2, 26:3-5, 27:1-2 and 29:1-2

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