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Happy Father’s Day!  

This is a day to celebrate Dads and to thank you for the way that you lead your family.  But what does it mean to be a Father?  We put together a few thoughts today:

F:  Fathered by God.  Dads, we can only live out our full potential when we realize that we too have a Father, and He is in Heaven.  Sometimes this life feels pretty lonely, because we are living as orphans or as servants.  But we are sons of our Father God, and that makes us worthy, strong, and loving.

A:  Adventurous.  Whether you are predictably boring or a wild man, you bring adventure to the family by the way that you lead them.  Fun outings, hikes, camping, hunting, activities, sports,  games, competition…our kids need this aspect of our personality.  And even more importantly, we call our kids into God’s true purpose for them, and there is no better adventure than that.  It will take everything that we have!

T:  Tenacious.  We are strong and courageous.  We stick to our principles and we don’t give up.

H: Humble.  We know that we have been blessed, and we know that God is the One who deserves all the glory.  That doesn’t mean we think less of ourselves…it just means we think of ourselves less, and we have a quiet confidence about where we stand.  We have nothing to prove, and we’re comfortable in our own skin.  We’re always learning; always getting better.

E: Equipped.  You  have what it takes!  Not because you’re awesome, smart, and powerful.  But because God made you on purpose for a purpose, and if you go to Him he will equip you. He made you their dad, and He didn’t make a mistake.

R:  Rock.  You are stability and security for your wife and kids.  And you lead them to the true Rock and fortress.

S:  Servant Leader.  We shepherd our families, guiding and protecting them.


D:  Disciplined.  We buckle down, with self-control, and do what it takes.  We are hard working.  Sacrificial.

A:  Affectionate.  We give love to our kids, through a pat on the back, a Man-Hug, or wrestling in the living room.  (Even though we’re not supposed to.)  Even our cheesy Dad Jokes exhibit a playful, tender love that only we can bring.

Y:  Yielded.  By yielding our strength to God’s Strength, we can give our families what they need.  By yielding our will to His will, we can accomplish His purposes.  By yielding our desires to His promises, we focus our eyes and heart on the true good and true beauty that He has provided.  A yielded man is a force to be reckoned with, and the gates of hell will not prevail against us!

We’re All In This Together!

At Our Purposeful Life we want to equip you to live these character traits out.  What character traits would you add? Let’s join together and help us and others. Subscribe, so that you get weekly reminders.  And if you have time, check out some of these Man posts.


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