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Heads up, Moms! 

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have a plan to celebrate the dads in your life? Father’s Day is an opportunity to help your children honor your husband. It is a day to tell their dad what he means to them and what they love about him. 

As I was thinking about Father’s Day gifts I was reminded of a Cosby Episode. In this episode Cliff explains the vast difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Then he starts to pull out his past Father’s Day gifts. Oh my, they were terrible! Whether we admit it or not there is a difference. For the most part we do Mother’s Day well. We spend extra time blessing the mothers in our lives throughout the day and weekend but Father’s Day seems to often come up short. Let’s make this year different! 

Do you know what your husband would really like? What is his love language? (See our Love Language post here.) It is okay to ask him how he would like to spend the weekend. Just like we suggest for husbands, we recommend that you start a list. Any time your husband says, “I would like…” or “It would be nice to…”, write it down. Keep this list going throughout the year. Then when his birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day comes around you have a solid list to choose from. 

If you don’t have a list, here are some ideas to get you started. 

Words :

  • My Dad Interview- Help your kids write down what they love about dad! You can find so many cute and meaningful children interview questionnaires online. Pick one and have your children fill them out.
  • A Note: If your children are older, have them write a letter to their dad explaining what they love about Him and what He means to them. Don’t forget to do one yourself! Tell Him how you see Him impacting your children’s life in a positive way.
  • Picture: If your children are younger, have them draw him a picture. Ask them to draw a picture of their favorite thing to do with their dad. If they are older and love drawing they can do one too! Another cute idea is to take a picture of your children in their dad’s clothes. Pick clothes that represent him. Make the picture into a card or frame it for his desk. 


  • Favorite Activity: What is your spouse’s favorite thing to do in his free time? Make time for that this weekend. Sometimes it is an activity that he will want to do on his own or with buddies. Let him! 
  • Family activity: What is his favorite thing to do as a family? Is it game night, movie night, a bike ride or some other activity? Plan it into the weekend or put it on the schedule for another date in June and make it happen.
  • Relax: Depending on his job and your life a relaxing weekend might be all that he needs. Ask him which is better: a weekend full of fun activities or a quiet weekend at home. You want your husband to feel loved and rejuvenated which means different things to different people. Both are needed and both are good. Which one would he choose?


  • His ideas: This is where your ongoing list comes in handy. What has your husband said lately that he would really like to have? Reference the Cosby show to get an idea of what not to get! Help your children pick out something that your husband will really like. Think about their unique relationship with your husband. What would be extra meaningful coming from them?
  • Budget: Some years you will be tighter than others. That’s okay! The saying that it’s the thought that counts is true as long as there is actually thought with it. Get creative. There are a lot of gifts that can mean a lot but not cost you much.
  • Fun vs Practical: Having a conversation about expectations is key to making this decision. For Mother’s Day my gift is ALWAYS flowers for my front step. It takes care of two things: a gift for Mother’s Day and making our front door welcoming to friends and family. There have been years where Nathan’s Father’s Day gift is work clothes that he needed. Other years it has been a fun, unexpected joy bomb. We recommend talking through these two options ahead of time to make sure expectations are the same for both sides. You can still surprise them with the item but at least be on the same page as far as which box it lands in.


  • Favorites: All holidays need good food! What is your husband’s favorite meal? Can you make it or make reservations somewhere? Three bean salad and cherry pie are always on the Father’s Day menu at our home. (Random, I know.) What are your husband’s favorites?
  • Work Together: If your children are old enough, have them help make the food or plan the menu!
  • Snacks: Make sure the pantry is stocked with his favorites. 

Undivided Attention:

  • Distraction Free: There aren’t too many things that can negate all the effort you have put into the weekend more than distractions. Make sure you get rid of all the possible distractions to make the family time, quality time. Put away the phones and electronics. Turn off the TV (unless he wants to watch). Undivided attention might be the best way to his heart.
  • End Well: There is one way that you can guarantee that the weekend is great. Wives, I’m sure most husbands would say, they just want YOU. Make sure you save enough time and energy to love on him at some point during the day. Clear your mind and schedule beforehand so that you can be completely present and focused on him in your intimate time together. Make it a night that he will remember! Do a little extra something. It is his day, make it special!


Hopefully these ideas jumpstart your own creativity. Take one of these and make it your own. Or come up with your own; you know your hubby better than anyone else does. Please share other ideas you have done in the past that went over well.

Be creative and have fun!


Here are some of our favorite gift ideas:

Music: itunes gift card, Amazon music subscription, Airpods

Books: Anything Wild at Heart like Fathered by God or Wild at Heart or Becoming a King or  subscribe to the Tribe for FREE for access to online/streaming content!!

Magazine Subscriptions:  And Sons, Answers in Genesis

Athletic: Running Socks, Hat, Garmin Watch, Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

Gardener: Grow light, AeroGarden, fun garden tools

Tools: Knife Sharpener, or “Become Good Soil” Knife

Professional: Reusable Notebooks or Pens

Car Guy: Microtowels

Time Together: Massage OilNo More Headaches

Snacks: Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper,

Drinks: Electric Water Kettle

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