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Scripture is the means by which God has chosen to introduce and reveal himself to you so he can enjoy a relationship with you. God’s Word-the record of all his ways-is given to you for a relational purpose: so you may know him and enjoy all the blessings of a relationship with your loving Creator.
– Josh and Sean McDowell from the book The Unshakable Truth


It is all about relationship – God’s desire to be in a relationship with you. We were never met to walk this life alone. From the beginning, God walked with Adam and Eve in the garden. The original plan was for us to walk alongside God and be in partnership with Him forever. Unfortunately, everything changed when Eve and Adam choose to sin. But that did not stop God’s desire. Throughout Scripture He continued to figure out ways to be near us. I love how in Exodus 29:45 God reveals His purpose for the tabernacle: “Then I will live among the people of Israel and be their God.”

God continued to pursue the Israelites even as they continuously complained and disobeyed. He desired to be close, to be accessible and available.

His desire is the same for us.


It is all about the heart. The reason God wants a relationship with us is that He cares deeply about our hearts. Proverbs 4:23 gives us one of the best pieces of wisdom, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

Your heart matters. My heart matters. The condition of my heart matters to God. He cares deeply about us and wants to tend to and nurture our hearts. Is your heart broken? He wants to heal it! Is your heart depressed? He wants to give it hope! Is your heart excited? He wants to celebrate with you! Is your heart confused? He wants to guide it! Is your heart in a vulnerable place? He wants to protect it! Is your heart in need? He wants to provide for it!


Our choices matter. Each decision moves us in a certain direction. Our job is to make sure we continue on the right path. But what is the right path? I would argue that only God knows. Only God knows why He created you and what purpose He has for your life. So if this is true, how do we learn the “why” and the “what”? Thankfully we don’t have to look far. God graciously left us the manual for our life, the Bible. It may seem like a bunch of random stories, but each one has a purpose and gives us insight that we can use to steer our own lives.

In order to find this wisdom to make our choices, we need to choose to pick up the Bible and read it!  God won’t force us to read it.  God wants to do life together with us, not be a puppet master who dictates our every move. It goes back to relationship, so reading this manual is a choice.

Family Conversation

Teaching our kids to know the Word is just as important. If the only thing we teach them is how to have a relationship with God-to know His Word and to follow it- we have done our parenting job well!  Even if you have a long way to go yourself, you can begin the journey of learning about the Bible together.  Today we are giving away our next Family Conversation. This conversation will help you talk with your child about the importance of the Bible. The Bible is a multifaced book that can not be covered in one discussion, so this conversation is focused on the basics of what the Bible is. It will help you start the first layer of their foundational knowledge about God. Then hopefully this will be a spring board to many more discussions. It also includes an outside the box family activity that will will be fun and exciting but also thought provoking. We end the packet with several Bible reading plans that you can either do as a family or individually.

Our job as parents is to teach the Word of God to our children. Not only do we need to teach them the Word, we need to teach them and show them how to have a personal relationship with the Lord. A relationship that includes talking, listening and obeying the Lord themselves. To get to this end goal, we need to first get them in the Word. To teach them what the Bible is and why we should listen to it. Use this guide to help you start this important family conversation.

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