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Let’s talk about the “birds and the bees” today! Today’s Parent Connect Podcast is all about talking with your child about their own body changes and about sex. Both are important conversations, so you want to be the first person to teach your child about this.

In this podcast we will talk about 7 foundational keys to remember when having these conversations. The key ideas we will be exploring today are…

  1. Be early not late
  2. Use the actual terminology
  3. Lead from the positive not the negative
  4. Remember this is not a once and done conversation but an ongoing one
  5. Be creative with how you have the conversation
  6. Look for organic opportunities to start and continue the conversation
  7. Remember it is about relationship

We will end the podcast giving you ideas of the topics you should discuss with your child. They will be broken into different ages and stages of childhood up to graduation from high school.

Come join the conversation!

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