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Prayer is important!  Do your kids know how to pray?  I mean, prayer is very simple, on the one hand.  But prayer can be hard to understand, so prayer also needs to be taught. It is our job as parents to help our children learn how to connect with the Lord.

Vital Relationship

There are so many levels of connection with God. He created us for relationship and wants a deep and intimate relationship with each one of us. To know God more we need to spend time with Him in prayer. This is when Holy Spirit can connect with us. He can comfort us, show us what is true and lead us.

Good News!

One thing that I appreciate about our church is the weekly altar call. Our pastors pause the service for a moment to become humble and vulnerable. They share how God has changed their lives and then invite others into a saving relationship with the Lord. It is a powerful time in the service – a life-changing time. While there are no specific or magical words you have to pray to become saved I love how our lead pastor always includes these 6 words in his prayer of salvation: Save me. Change me. Lead me.

Save, Change, and Lead Me

As I was pondering these words one day, I felt the need to make these a daily prayer. Now, once you are saved, you are saved. You do not need to pray for salvation every day. (See Family Conversation: Salvation). But these 6 words should still become a daily prayer for us. Let me explain… We are in daily need of being saved from our flesh, our temptations and fears. We need to change our habits, our thoughts and ways of life to become more holy like our Father God. Heaven knows, we all need help in making decisions and knowing which path to take. We need Him to lead our minutes, hours and decisions.

Tune In

Daily communication with the Lord is as essential as oxygen. Our pastor challenged us recently with the statement, “Every day spent ignoring God is a day wasted!” The only way to know what God is saying is to spend time with Him. The only way to know what God wants us to do is to ask and listen. Reading His Word, the Bible, is essential to learning and knowing about God. It can teach us principles and help guide us in applying the truths of the Word to our lives. Prayer is an important next step. Prayer is how we experience God. It is where we connect with God on a heart level. It’s where we put those Biblical truths into practical action.

Make It Happen

All of these facts about prayer are great, but how can I lead my family into a lifestyle of prayer?  How can I get that process started?  We hope that this Family Conversation Guide will help your family connect with God in a more intimate and natural way.

More Conversations

Excited about the idea of leading your family in meaningful conversations?  We have several more conversations available on our Resources page!  Talk to your kids about Salvation, Baptism, The Bible, Trinity, and Communion.



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