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When were you baptized? Were you in elementary school or high school? Maybe as an adult? I am so thankful that this is something that is available to anyone. I remember getting baptized. While I don’t remember what age I was, I do remember the outfit I wore. Some of the details of the day are fuzzy, but the memory of the actual baptism is burned into my mind. It is part of my story.

As parents, we get the privilege of helping our children decide when to get baptized. Our son Luke was baptized the day before his 10th birthday. We had been talking with him about getting baptized for over a year. Each time we talked about it, he made it clear he wasn’t ready. So we tabled the discussion and waited until he wanted to talk about it again. The summer before his 10th birthday he started asking questions. We answered them as they came up and then let it be. One day he came up to us and said he was ready.

The day arrived and I will always remember the twinkle in his eye. He walked a little taller that day –  free of anxiety and fear and ready to tell the world the decision he had made several years earlier. He was ready to declare that God’s way was his way and that Jesus was Lord of his life. It brought tears to my eyes to watch Luke boldly take this next step in his faith journey.

Do you have a kid that’s ready to be baptized? Have you been able to talk with them about what it means to be baptized? Do you know where to begin?

Family Conversation

The Bible says that our primary job as parents is to have spiritual conversations with our kids.  At Our Purposeful Life we want to come alongside you to help you have spiritual conversations with your children. We want to equip you to talk with your kids about faith, true identity and God’s purpose. We want to encourage you to begin and continue these conversations, and we want to help you navigate the questions that your kids will naturally ask.  Our hope is that your family will create an atmosphere where questions are welcomed and answers are discovered together. 

Today we are making available a guide to start this Baptism discussion with your kids. Maybe you also need a refresher course yourself – that is totally okay! It is always a good idea to remind yourself of what the Bible stays about this important topic. Every time you dive into the topic you get another level of understanding that will impact your life. In this packet you will receive information on how to explain to your children what baptism is and why we should do it. You will also receive a fun activity, scripture references and a certificate to remember the day they made their public declaration.

We invite you to join us on this journey of creating family conversations in your home!  Download the handout today! 


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